Awesome Blogger Features Coming in 2011

Blogger is been around for a lot of time now with massive user database. In 2010, a lot of new features have been introduced including the all new Template Designer. So, what is coming in 2011? Have a look at both the current & some awesome upcoming features in this video.

I'm specially thrilled with the all new Dashboard design, what are you expecting in 2011? Leave me a comment.

Blogspot How to: Setup Blogger Custom Domain

How to Setup Blogger Custom Domain

By default, your blog address is in this format; As you can see, all blogs hosted on Blogger have included in their address. Such an address is difficult to remember and it is not suitable for a professional blog. Traditionally, switching to a personalized domain required research, a web hosting comparison and the purchase of relatively expensive hosting. Fortunately, Blogger has made arrangements for those who are looking for free or cheap hosting while also upgrading to a more personalized domain name. Now, you can simply buy a custom domain directly through Blogger and forget about setting it up. In this tutorial, I'll explain this whole process of searching, buying and setting up a custom domain.