Creating a Picture Link in Blogger Posts


By default, when a user clicks a picture in a Blogger post, the picture opens up in a light box. However, you can also create a picture link so that when a user clicks a picture, a new blog or a website will open. For example, the above image is linked to this post itself which is very handy. In this tutorial, I'll explain how you can link a picture to any blog or webpage.

How to Backup & Restore Blog Posts Using Blogger Import/Export Feature


Blogger has an awesome feature to download and save blog posts on your computer. Of course, you can later restore the posts as well. Additionally, you can also move your posts to some other blogging platform using the export feature or to some other Blogger blog. I'd highly recommend to regularly backup your posts. Check out the instructions to see how to do it.

How to Change Jump Break (Read More) Font, Color & Background Color in Blogger Template Designer


Blogger officially supports 'after the jump' summaries. You can insert a jump break anywhere in a post to make it short on the blog homepage. The part after the jump break will be visible only when user will click on the Jump Break or Read More link. In this tutorial, we'll add some coding in the template HTML. After that, you'd be able to change the font, color or even the background color of the Jump Break or Read More from the Template Designer.

Add Unique Meta Description Tags For Each Post in Blogger

Meta description tags are vital for search engine optimization but adding unique meta tags for each post in Blogger is a tricky thing. I've tried my best to make this process as simple as possible.

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Blogspot How To: Change Post Title Color in Blogger Template Designer Templates


I have received a lot of comments on a previous post. Readers are asking how to change the post title color in the new Blogger Template Designer templates. Well, here is a very simple step by step tutorial for you.We'll make some changes in the template CSS and then you'll be able to customize post title without any coding stuff.

Video Tutorial: How to Add Facebook Share or Recommend Button in a Blogger Blog

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You can easily add a Facebook share/recommend button in sidebar or below posts. This button lets users share your blog content with their friends on Facebook.

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