Awesome Blogger Features Coming in 2011

Blogger is been around for a lot of time now with massive user database. In 2010, a lot of new features have been introduced including the all new Template Designer. So, what is coming in 2011? Have a look at both the current & some awesome upcoming features in this video.

I'm specially thrilled with the all new Dashboard design, what are you expecting in 2011? Leave me a comment.


  1. I was massively pruning my photos from that bloody Picasa to free up space only to suddenly find my storage space increased significantly. That was a great surprise. The new template manager was another; I thought I'd lost my blog and hated the idea of trying something new which, with my experience with youtube, Facebook, MSN, ipods etc always mean more unwanted intrusions taking over with little if any advantage in basic service, in fact ruining what had been flawless.
    The new template is terrific- easy, accessible and clutter-free. I'm very impressed with what blogger lets me do.

  2. I have to say that that new dashboard look stunng... Go blogger!

  3. new dashboard is awesome. AWESOME-r year by year. I'll continue supporting it. how the feel of new dashboard that stimulates our hormones writing more posts... yes!!!

  4. I LOVE Blogger! I feel pressure to switch to wordpress all the time but I don't see the need! I have everything I need right here!


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