Add Unique Meta Description Tags For Each Post in Blogger

Meta description tags are vital for search engine optimization but adding unique meta tags for each post in Blogger is a tricky thing. I've tried my best to make this process as simple as possible.

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  1. hi bilal i have watch your vedio on youtube it really help me alot thank you
    thank you you have done good job

  2. can you help me please?i dont know how to put the meta code into my blog

  3. @ CERCITER AKU KAMU DAN DIA, have you watched the video? I think its pretty clear.

  4. Hello, can you please help me All I want to do is have 2 different colours for my blogger heading! Its driving me crazy I dont know how to do it and nothing online is helping!!!

    1. Hi ecletic space, first of all, you have only one post on the blog which means you've not yet started the blog. Secondly, heading color can be only of one color according to my knowledge.


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