Blogger Templates: Versatility Lite

Versatility Lite Premium Quality 2 Columns Blogger XML Template

Versatility Lite is a 2 column Blogger template with a "Featured Post" section, CSS navigation menus & premium quality layout. [How to Setup]

Features: 2 columns, grunge theme, white layout, top menu, 3 columns, search box, minimal.

Blogspot How To: Center Post Title in New Blogger Templates

In this tutorial, I'll explain how you can change the alignment (position) of the post title. By default, post title aligns to left but you can change it to center as well. Currently, Blogger (Blogspot) offers 6 default templates in the Template Designer. This tutorial will work on all those templates.

Blogspot How to: Make Images Not Clickable (No Enlarge)

By default, images in Blogger are linked to their full size which means if someone clicks on an image, the same image is opened in full size. This is confusing for blog visitors and it also takes the visitors away from your blog. If you want to make your uploaded images not click-able then I'll tell you a simple trick to do that.