Blogspot How To: Add the Official Twitter Tweet Buttons in Blogger

Blogspot How To: Use the Official Twitter Tweet Buttons

Twitter is the most popular social networking site on internet. People share links on Twitter which receive a lot of traffic. You can also add the official Twitter tweet button with or without counter. This button will enable your blog visitors to easily share useful links on their Twitter accounts.

Get the Button Code!

First of all go to Now follow these steps to get the code:

  1. Select the button from 3 available choice.

  2. If you've a Twitter account then enter your username in the second field. By doing this, whenever someone will share your blog post on Twitter, your username will also be added to that tweet. If you don't have a Twitter account, I strongly recommend to make one but, for now, you can skip this option.

  3. Copy the code from the box.

Add the Code in Your Blog!

Now we need to add the Twitter tweet button code in our Blogger blog. So, go to Design and then Edit HTML tab. Check Expand Widget Templates box. Search for this code:

Place Twitter tweet button code immediately after the above code. You can also place the Twitter tweet button code immediately before the above code but then the Twitter button will appear between the post title and body.

Add Custom Text in the Twitter Tweet Button!

You can also add your own message in the Twitter button. For example if you want to add Hey, check it out: THE POST TITLE then you need to change expr:data-text='data:post.title' to expr:data-text='“Hey, check it out:“+data:post.title'.

Display Twitter Button Only on Post Pages!

If you want the tweet button to appear only on post pages then you need to change the button code. Now, your code will look something like this:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
Twitter Tweet Button Code HERE


  1. Hi, Keep it up the great work. I really like your new post. Best tips for blogger. Thanks.

  2. need some help T_T

    why it tweet my blog instead of tweet my blog post?

  3. by the way, this is my blog URL (

    when tweet, it tweet my blog @,@, not my blog title

  4. @ Jonathan Lee, just checked your blog and there is no official Twitter button there :)

  5. Hey, I just tweeted one of my posts, yet count shows zero! :(

  6. @ Magali, the problem is with the Twitter button, we can't help it :)

  7. Salam Bilal....

    It worked well on my blog...but there is one problem.why the tweet nos are not saved....

    after refreshing page,value becomes 0 again...

    hope u can help me...

    pls chk and let me know...

  8. @ Devil, Walaikum Asalam. Well, you can try reinstalling the button again directly from Twitter's site, then it might work.

  9. I can get the button on the site, but when you click it, it tweets the title of my blog, not the title of my post. I don't even see that expr:data-text='data:post.title' info anywhere! is it suppose to be in my html of blogger?

  10. @ Laura, this button will work only on post pages. Use the condition given above in the tutorial to make sure that the button appears only on the post pages.

  11. Hi, this is great - very clear and I'll definitely do it... I know you're not trying to outline how to do this but if you had any pointers about how to integrate a twitter feed into a blogspot blog (i.e. giving live updates) that would be amazing! I've followed the instructions (I thought) and am now struggling to understand why the twitter box that comes up is blank! any thoughts? (my blog is - look for the twitter box on the right hand side below my profile)

    Thanks! Imogen

    1. Hi Imogen, sorry :( I don't know about adding Twitter feed in Blogger. Please Google it and you might find something.


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