Blogspot News: Track Blog Visitors With Live Traffic Stats

Keeping track of blog visitors is a must for every blogger. The most used tracking service is Google Analytics which is free. Some people also use Site Meter which is also free. Anyways, I've written tutorials to install both Google Analytics or Site Meter on a blog and track website visitors. Now, you don't need to install any external code to monitor traffic because Blogger-Blogspot has introduced built-in traffic stats for all blogs.

Wanna See Your Blog's Traffic Stats???

Whenever, Blogger-Blogspot adds a new feature, it is tested on a separate website called Blogger in Draft. As the stats feature is also just introduced so, you have to log in at rather than
After logging in, open the 5th tab which is Stats tab. There you can see some very simple and basic information about your visitors.


This feature is now also available to everyone. Just log in and you'll see a new tab called Stats. The Stats tab contains interesting traffic statistics of the blog.


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