Blogger Template Designer For Beginners

Blogger Template Designer for Dummies
Some days ago, Blogger announced a new feature Template Designer through which users can easily design and customize layouts. The Template Designer was only available as a beta feature to Blogger in Draft users. From today, this awesome feature is available to everyone. Just log in to your Blogger account and you'll see a new option Design on your dashboard. In this guide, I'll try to explain everything you need to know about the Blogger Template Designer.

Where is Blogger Template Designer?

Just log in to your Blogger account. From your dashboard, go to Design and then open the Template Designer tab. Now, we can start designing a template.

Start Using Blogger Template Designer

So, the Template Designer has 4 sub sections. Now, I'll explain each of them seperately.

1- Templates Tab

Blogger has initially provided 5 templates to chose from. Each template has it's own flavors with different color schemes. You can chose any template and start editing.

2- Background Tab

In this section, you can chose from thousands of background images. People just love background images. The images are provided by iStockphoto and are nicely divided into categories. Template Designer also suggests some nice color schemes which could be helpful.

3- Layout Tab

Layout section is the heart of new Template Designer. Just think, how difficult it was, for a non-technical person, to add another column in the template or change the width of the blog. Now, all of this is changed thanks to the Template Designer. You can chose the layout of your blog from Body layout tab. Footer layout tab lets you easily chose the footer layout like 3 columns footer. And you can change the width of body, sidebars & columns from Adjust width tab.

4- Advanced Tab

Do you remember the Fonts & Colors tab which lets you change the colors and fonts of your blog? Same function is performed in Advanced tab. It is so easy and real-time because you can preview every change.

What About Custom Blogger/Blogspot Templates?

I think, now it is time to stop using custom Blogger templates which are ususally converted from Wordpress. Custom Blogger/Blogspot templates are very unfriendly to non-technical people. Often people complain that their blog looks awful in old browsers like Internet Explorer 6. Blogger is the easiest way to get yourself online and it's continously improving. Don't pay anyone for anything related to Blogger/Blogspot. Now, you can easily customize every aspect of a Blogger/Blogspot blog. Blogger/Blogspot is designed for non-technical people so feel free to give it a try.

What's Next?

I can't wait to see awesome designs coming up with the Template Designer. You can easily change everything without any technical knowledge. Of course, every change can be viewed in real time. If you've customized your blog with the Template Designer, feel free to leave your blog address in the comments.

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  1. Hi there.
    I've been trying to find an answer to this question on how to centre my blog in the browser with no sidebar:

    I'm using the Awesome template (with a few changes) with the Template Designer for my photoblog. On my test blog, I've moved all widgets to the bottom of the page to be able to have screen filling photos, and have set the width to the maximum 1000 pixels.

    The problem is that although the photo frame resizes autimatically for the large size photo I've linked from my Flickr account, the photos is not centered on in the web browser. Furthermore, other contrasting colour areas around the photo do not fit well now. The photo width is Large, 1024 pixels from my Flickr share button.

    I'm wondering if there's some CSS code to correct this?

    This is my TEST blog, illustrating the PROBLEM:

    This is my REAL blog, so you can see were I'm coming from on this:

    On the real blog, I've gone and set the width to the widest in the Template Designer. Photos in posts there up to now are Medium 500 pixels from Flickr. I know from a trial with the test blog that Medium 640 pixels width will fit well in the frames as you see them here. Maybe I'll have to stick with that, if there's no easy fix for this problem.



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