10 Most Popular Blogger (Blogspot) Templates

10 Most Popular Blogger-Blogspot Templates

People are doing amazing thing with Blogger-Blogspot these days. One of them is to convert Wordpress themes to Blogger-Blogspot with full compatibility. I've compiled a list of most popular Blogger-Blogspot templates. Check it out and feel free to add your suggestion as well.

1- Notepad Chaos

Notepad Chaos Blogger-Blogspot Templates
Notepad Chaos was originally designed by Evan Eckard and released by Smashing Magazine as a free Wordpress theme. A Turkish blogger, Gosu, converted it to Blogger-Blogspot. Notepad Chaos theme has a vibrant & colorful background which makes it a master piece.

2- Craftwork

Craftwork Blogger-Blogspot Templates
Craftwork was originally released as a free Wordpress theme by EZwpthemes. I converted it to Blogger-Blogspot and since then it is driving huge traffic to my blog. It is the most viewed, downloaded and commented template on Beta Templates.

3- Creative Art

Creative Art Blogger-Blogspot Templates
Creative Art is also converted to Blogger-Blogspot by Gosu. It has amazing combination of grunge and notepaper design which makes it an eye candy. It was designed by FTL and released by Smashing Magazine as a free Wordpress theme.

4- Extreme Georgia

Extreme Georgia Blogger-Blogspot Templates
Smashing Magazine organized a typographic layout competition and Extreme Georgia was ranked 2nd in that contest. It was originally designed by MentariWorks and converted to Blogger-Blogspot by Klodian at Deluxe Templates. It is a clean and minimal template with 2 column layout.

5- Night Sky

Kids Style Blogger-Blogspot Templates
Night Sky is an original Blogger-Blogspot template. It is created by an Indian web design agency Ray Creations. They have also released Night Sky 2.0, make sure to check that out too.

6- Smash My Typo

Smash My Typo Blogger-Blogspot Templates
Smash My Typo was originally created as a typographic layout by Alexander Dahlberg for Smashing Magazine's typographic design contest. I converted it to Blogger-Blogspot after so many requests from readers.

7- Art Template

Art Template Blogger-Blogspot Templates
Art Template is a very beautiful Blogger-Blogspot template created by EZwpthemes and converted to Blogger-Blogspot by Gosu. The template features a stylish background and widgets.

8- Kids Style

Kids Style Blogger-Blogspot Templates
Kids Style is a very cute Blogger-Blogspot template. It was originally designed by EZwpthemes and converted to Blogger-Blogspot by Klodian.

9- Water Color

Water Color Blogger-Blogspot Templates
Water Color is colorful and vibrant Blogger-Blogspot template with bright and grungy background. It was converted to Blogger-Blogspot by Alvaris Falcon and deigned by TemplateLite.

10- Infinity

Infinity Blogger-Blogspot Templates
Infinity is simply gorgeous Blogger-Blogspot template. It was also released by Smashing Magazine as a free Wordpress theme and I've converted it to Blogger-Blogspot. The theme is a creation of Vikiwords Studio from China.

Final Thoughts

I'm sure that there are much more beautiful Blogger-Blogspot templates out there. Such lists can't be perfect but we can appreciate the hard work of designers and coders. Blogger has just released a Blogger Template Designer so we might see lesser use of custom templates in the future.


  1. Danke für die vielen interessanten Tipps und Hinweise

  2. What happened to vikiworks template, it's not a gallery anymore. aw.. =[

  3. @ FLiTz Ferdinand, the gallery style templates doesn't fit with Blogger. So, I've changed the styling to fit Blogger.


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