What are Meta Tags & How to Add Meta Tags in Blogger/Blogspot

What are Meta Tags & How to Add Meta Tags in Blogger

Meta tags have vital importance because they can bring traffic from search. By default, Blogger blogs don't contain such tags but you can easily add them. However, when you add a meta tag in Blogger, it is applied to all the pages/posts of the blog. So, search engines consider this an illegal act and your blog can be punished. In this tutorial, I'll tell you what are meta tags and how to add them in Blogger without duplicate problem.

How to Customize 'Older Posts' & 'Newer Posts' Links

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How to Customize 'Older Posts' & 'Newer Posts' Links

In this tutorial, I'll explain how you can customize or change "Older Posts" and "Newer Posts" links which are present at the bottom of your blog posts. By default, these links are just simple text and most of the users won't even notice that these are actually navigation links. However, we can simply add some spicy CSS (?) or replace these links with beautiful icons.

Blogspot Tip: How to Control Comments in Asian Languages

Block Spam or Unwanted Comments in Blogger

Many of you might have experienced unwanted comments (aka spam) comments on your blogs. Most of times these comments are linked to some other sites which might include porn sites as well. Sometimes such comments also contain hatred and use of offensive language against someone which could really upset your visitors. Fortunately, Blogger offers a powerful way to control and block spam or unwanted comments on your blog. Our goal is to block the bad guys, but at the same time, we must make sure that regular visitors don't get annoyed by our settings.