Blogspot Tutorial: Add Comment Posting Guidelines in Blogger

This tutorial will explain how you can add some guidelines right above the comment form. These guidelines could be helpful to encourage users to post constructive comments and also stop spamming.

Some Simple Tricks to Reduce Blog Size

Improve Site Performance by Reducing Load Time

Google has officially stated that website speed will soon be considered as a ranking factor so make sure your blog loads fast. Slow loading websites or blogs are very annoying to the user. I've seen a lot of sites which have great content but they take awfully long time to load. In this article, I'll give you some very simple tips to reduce your blog loading time.

Blogger Templates: Violet Rays

Violet Rays Fast Loading Dark Blogger XML Template

Violet Rays is another dark Blogger template. It has a shiny violet-colored background and a glossy top menu which makes this template stand out of crowd.

Features: dark, two columns, fixed width, top menu, violet, search, CSS, light-weight, left sidebar.

Blogger Templates: Excess

Excess Simple Minimal Green 2 Column Blogger XML Template

Excess is a really simple and minimal Blogger template. It has a very light color scheme with only green and white colors.

Features: white, green, two columns, fixed width, top menu, minimal, CSS, light-weight.

Blogger Templates: Gumball Special

Gumball Special Premium Quality 4 Columns Blogger XML Template

Gumball Special is originally a 4 columns Blogger template. Due to it's incompatibility with Blogger and a lot of issues, it is no longer available to download.
Features: white, pink, 4 columns, fixed width, search box, RSS feed.

Blogger Templates: ZinePress


Hey guys, check out my latest template. Took too much time to covert it but the end result was just awesome.

Blogger Templates: Precision


Another classical CSS template which loads with lightning fast speed.

Blogger Templates: Commission

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This is my 1st ever Blogger template conversion. I've been playing with Vintage Blogger theme for a long time but couldn't convert that one completely.