How to Create a Blogger Blog

Considering you're a Blogger beginner, I'll tell you how to create your first blog on Blogger.


1- Go to this link and click on CREATE A BLOG button.

How to Create Your First Blogger Blog

2- As Blogger is owned by Google, so, you need to create a Google Account. Type in all the fields but make sure that you already have an email address of any web service like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail. This Email will be your username in the future. After filling all the fields in this page, click CONTINUE button at the bottom of the page.

How to Create Your First Blogger Blog

3- Your Google Account has now been created so you can create a blog on this page. Enter a Blog title (can be changed later) and a Blog address (can be changed later but not recommended). Please chose your Blog address wisely, it will be something like After that click CONTINUE button to move on.

How to Create Your First Blogger Blog

4- Now, you've also created your first Blogger blog. Chose a template from this page (can be changed later) and click CONTINUE.

How to Create Your First Blogger Blog

5- Hurray, your blog is alive now online. You can share the address of your blog with friends, family or colleagues. Make sure to see other tutorials on this blog.

Important Tips

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