10 Reasons to Chose Blogger For Blogging

Blogger was founded by a small company Pyra Labs and later bought by Google in 2003. Since then it has grown into a huge platform for blogging. You can easily start your online life just by going to the Blogger homepage and starting a blog. Here are some of my favorite reasons to chose Blogger for blogging.

1- Ownership

Blogger is owned by one of the biggest companies on web "Google". With billions of dollars in the pocket, Google can really keep the things going happy.

2- Free

Like most of the Google services, Blogger is also free for everyone. You can start and host a blog on Blogger absolutely free. You're also given a free domain.

3- Resources

Currently, hundreds of templates, tutorials and hacks are available to get you going with Blogger. Some people have also started to offer premium templates and services exclusively for Blogger.

4- Community

A lot of coders and experts are getting involved in helping fellow Blogger users. People (like me) provide free help, consultation and tutorials on Blogger.

5- SEO

Blogger blogs are automatically indexed by Google after some time of their creation. However, it is always better to submit your site manually (?) or submit the site map of site through Google Webmaster Tools (?).

6- Personalization

Once you create a blog, it will never be deleted or the name will never be given to anyone, it will always remain yours. By default, you get a free domain like yourname.blogspot.com but you can purchase and use a custom domain anytime. Of course, users of old domain would be automatically redirected to the new custom domain.

7- Advertisements

Blogger allows any kind of advertisements on Blogger powered blogs. Like many other free hosts, it doesn't add any kind of banner on your blog.

8- Customization

You can totally customize the look and feel of your blog. There's absolutely no restriction on doing that and by the way, Blogger has just introduced a custom template designer through which you can create your very own designs.

9- Security

Blogger is very secure and I've not heard anyone losing his/her account through hacking. Of course, if you'll give your password to someone then... what can I say.

10- Simple

Blogger is really simple and easy to get started. It is designed to target the people who aren't familiar with HTML or CSS stuff. You just have to follow the simple instructions to do something.

Final Words

Well, I've already said a lot in favor of Blogger but of course, there are also some very popular blogging platforms like Wordpress but if you're new to the blogging or you've not yet tried Blogger, try it because you won't regret it.


  1. Totally Agree With You! I had to switch back from Wordpress (self hosted) to Blogger. I don't regret the move. Blogger is really powerful, as long as you know where its power lies.

  2. Interesting tips for a newbie like me.


  3. Yup! Aside from that blogger is now popular known and a lot have been using this site for their personal or business journal.


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