Blogspot Tutorial: How to Change Default Blogger Favicon

A good favicon means good brand
In this tutorial, I'll tell you how to change the default favicon present in every Blogspot/Blogger blog. A favicon is usually a 16x16 .ico file and it is displayed with the title of a blog in a browser. So, we can add our own favicon to make our blog more personal.

Ready? Lets Add a Custom Favicon

1- Search for a free custom favicon on Google and you'll find a lot of them.

2- Blogger doesn't allow to upload .ico files so you need to upload your favicon on Google Sites. Just log in there with your Blogger account, create a site and upload your favicon there.

3- Go to Design then Edit HTML tab.

4- Find this code in your template:


4- Paste the following code right below above line like this:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="YOUR FAVICON URL" />
<link rel="icon" href="YOUR FAVICON URL" />

4- Just change the YOUR FAVICON URL with the URL or address of your favicon uploaded in step 2.

5- Save your template and enjoy.


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